📊 Context and market environment

Ways a business can influence digitalisation

The influence and impact of digitalisation within a business context and market environment.


  • Brand differentiation
  • Virtualisation
  • Digital innovations
  • Processes ad business models
  • Contextualising customer behaviour
  • Open standards

Brand differentiation

The difference between brands that may be similar. Now, with digitalisation it can be hard to see the differences between online businesses. Making yourself stand out. Brand Values

Virtualisation and Cloud solutions

The impact of cloud solutions are the lower costs, cloud computing works on a pay per use concept, being able to scale up and down. It helps businesses developing with virtualisation to cut down on waste.

Digital innovates

Application of digital technology to existing business problems

Wider access to customers

Contextualising customer behaviour

Due to digitalisation, we can now see what out customers like the most. With analytic programs, we can see where the users are coming from and what they like looking at, using heatmaps.



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